"Latina at heart" Bethenny Frankel celebrates the Puerto Rican Day Parade!

Whether you're Puerto Rican or not, it seems that today EVERYONE is getting into the Latin spirit at the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City.

It's always a fun time to go and celebrate our culture, both for its differences and similarities , and this year we're even being celebrated by reality TV star (and original skinnygirl), Bethenny Frankel—who's co-hosting the parade on My Fox NY and even proclaiming that she's a "Latina at heart!"

I have to say: I know exactly where Bethenny is coming from!


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Although I'm actually a Latina (half Cuban, to be exact), I know a few other ladies who embody the Latina spirit and love our culture so much that I would consider them to be Latinas as well. One of my best friends (who's super white skinned and of German ancestry) married a Dominican-American man, is learning to cook from her mother-in-law and also learning Spanish to teach her baby. There's also Jada from MTV Tr3s' Quiero Mi Baby, "la gringuita" who loves Mexican culture. And, of course, my own Russian mom who, I swear to you, is a true Latina mom even though she wasn't actually born in a Latin country. I mean, she speaks better Spanish and cooks better Cuban food than I do! All learned from my abuelita, of course.

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So when Bethenny says that she's a Latina at heart and is so very excited to enjoy the Puerto Rican Day Parade, saying that "the crowd, the energy & the music will be electric", then I say: more power to her! If anyone can enjoy the day (and make it fabulously fun), then it's definitely her. I hope she had a fantastic time!

Are you excited to hear Bethenny Frankel say that she's a "Latina at heart!" and enjoy the Puerto Rican Day Parade? Share with us in the comments below!

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