Ricky Martin seriously ROCKS at the Tony Awards! (VIDEO)

I'm not going to lie: I am a HUGE Broadway buff. I love the theater and, more than that, I love a really great musical.

When I first heard that a revival of Evita, about the life and death of Argentine First Lady Eva Perón, was coming to the Great White Way again, I was beyond excited. So you can just imagine how my excitement boiled over when I read that Latino superstar (and super hot dad!) Ricky Martin was coming to the show as the character "Che", who narrates the show.

Then, all of my excitement turned to disappointment when Ricky didn't get a Tony nomination for his role. But, no matter. Tonight at the 66th annual Tony Awards, Ricky Martin (and his Evita castmates) performed—and BOY was it all worth the wait!!!



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Ricky Martin and Argentine-born Elena Roger, who plays the titular character, were introduced by NCIS Chilean-born star Cote de Pablo (who, by the way, looked fabulously enchanting in a gorgeous red dress).

The group sang "And the Money Kept Rolling In" and, I have to say this again, HOW DID THEY NOT NOMINATE RICKY FOR A TONY?!

The man can sing. The man can dance. The man can practically do anything and look GOOD doing it. I mean, it was pretty obvious from the huge excitement in the room and, of course, the fact that they kept teasing Ricky's appearance (and that it came at the end of the show), that this one was going to blow us all away. And it really, really did. 

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Sadly, since no Latinos were nominated in acting categories, it wasn't a big win for us. Michael Cerveris, who was nominated for his role as Juan Perón in Evita, also didn't win. I'm (understandably) a little upset… but, mostly, I am just so in love with Ricky's performance that I'll be rewatching it again and again. Take a look at the video, below, and enjoy Ricky Martin really ROCKING it at the Tony Awards!

What do you think of Ricky Martin in Evita? Did you watch the Tony Awards or are hoping to see the Broadway show? Share with us in the comments below!

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