Rafael Nadal in all his French Open 2012 glory

Spanish tennis god (and one of the hottest men alive) Rafael Nadal has been kicking some major tennis butt this past week at the French Open, and on Sunday he will face longtime rival Novak Djokovic for the title. It is a history making match for both men, because if Nadal wins, it will be his his seventh French Open and he will break the record he now shares with Bjorn Borg. If Djokovic wins, he will be the first man in 43 years to win four straight Grand Slam tournaments. (UPDATE: Nadal won!)

Who cares right? I know--I didn't really either but then it happened, I saw there are photos. OMG, the photos!

Could this man be more amazing? I don't think so. I mean, his sheer amazingness has brought a miracle to my life--he made me care about tennis!

Enjoy the next few minutes, chicas, they will be the best of your weekend!

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