Watch a sneak peek of Juanes' new YouTube show (VIDEO)

Calling all Juanes lovers--we have some good news! The beloved Colombian musician is inviting you to take a look into his world with a new YouTube series, called Juanes 123: Point of View.


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Premiering June 15, the web show will allow fans to see what Juanes' life is really like--following him into his private home, accompanying him on tour in the US and Latin America, and even introducing  viewers to some of the people Juanes admires most.

Comprised of 13 episodes, the series also invites the audience to interact with the singer by leaving questions and comments below each video, some of which he'll respond to on the show. Fans that subscribe to the show's YouTube channel also have an opportunity to be chosen for a live Google hangout with Juanes himself.

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Sounds pretty exciting to me! After all, how many opportunities do we get to have a real behind-the-scenes look into the life of a superstar? I'm sure his hectic and remarkable life will make for one very interesting show!

Watch the preview here:

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Image via YouTube

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