Latino stars get "googly-eyed" on new hilarious Tumblr!

Celebrities have already gotten "cholafied" on Tumblr but now, in the latest hilarious Tumblr blog, they're also getting googly-eyed! As part of a marketing strategy for Emergency Googly Eyes, the Arthur McPhee company gave some of the world's biggest icons an, um,  eye-opening make over (excuse the pun!).


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The Celebrity Googly Eyes blog is "defacing history," as the creator describes, by inserting huge, comical eyes over the face of famous faces, like Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. And Latinos are not exempt! Renowned Spanish painted, Pablo Picasso, gets the googly-eyed treatment in the funny Tumblr.  Even more hilariously? In a picture taken from his days as A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez also gets his eyes made over!

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Also featured on the Tumblr are the (altered) faces of much more current figures! Remember Patricia Krentcil, the tanning mom who gained infamy after she was accusing of bringing young daughter into a tanning booth with her? Yup, that's right, she got googly-eyed too!

The whole Tumblr had me giggling like crazy. In fact, I can't wait to see what other Latino icons they'll be eyeballing (OK, I'm done with the puns, I swear!).

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