'Star Wars' gets the telenovela treatment! (VIDEO)

Sci-fi nerds and drama lovers can now rejoice together! Why? Star Wars, the ultimate space franchise, has just been recreated as a Spanish language telenovela…well, sort of.  As can be seen in the video below, clips from the legendary movie were turned into Galaxy de Pasion on YouTube, making for a pretty hilarious parody of both genres.


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In the video, Harrison Ford is Armando, a character apparently filled with lust for Carrie Fisher's role,  Esmeralda. Though the clip utilizes parts of the actual Spanish version of the film, the creator captions the real dialogue with HYSTERICAL English subtitles that displays exaggerated, telenovela-worthy romance.  In fact, on his YouTube page, the creator even warns, "Watch and your loins will burn with passion."  

Haha! Ridiculous... but pretty freakin' funny!

To get the full effect and avoid interference from the actual dialogue, I advise all Spanish speakers to watch the video with the sound low--it makes it all the easier for you to focus on (and laugh at) the silly and entertaining captions.   

Watch Galaxy de Pasion here:


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Image via YouTube

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