7-year-old transforms into mini Michael Jackson at school talent show! (VIDEO)

Who knew a 7-year-old could have such badass moves? I certainly didn't until I watched this video of elementary schooler, Luka, dancing to "Smooth Criminal" in his school talent show. The minute the music hits the speakers, the young boy, already decked out in a suit, hat and one glove, totally brings out his inner Michael Jackson in an impressive display of talent! 


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As the audience screams, claps, and cheers, little Luka shows off his dazzling skills by moon walking, flipping in the air, and even doing a split right in the middle of the stage! One thing's for sure, this kid is not shy! In fact, it looks like he has absolutely zero stage fright as he happily goes through his entire performance. Wow! Can you say born-to-be star? I think even Jackson himself, the King of Pop, would be proud of him.

What a great tribute!

Check out Luka's awesome performance at his school talent show here:

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Image via YouTube

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