Battle of the Latina reality show judges: Gloria Estefan, Demi Lovato, Xtina & J.Lo!

Another Latina is about to join the world of talent competition television! The one and only legend herself, Gloria Estefan, is the latest Hispanic star to sign on as a celebrity mentor in the CW's brand new singing competition, The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep. 

Estefan joins the ranks of a long list of Latina reality show judges, including Christina Aguilera on The Voice, Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, and Demi Lovato who just joined X-Factor. The question is, how will she fare among the rest?


Executive produced by Queen Latifah, the new show will star Estefan, Nelly, Joe Jonas, and country star John Rich as the celebrity guides, who will help local performers prepare themselves for the chance to represent their city live on stage on national television. The network has not yet released the series' premiere date and time.

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I'm personally thrilled that Estefan will be able to pass on her expertise to some aspiring artists! I think she's a great choice, not only because she's a renowned and beloved singer, but also because she's charming and extremely likeable with none of the bravado and diva antics that audience members often complain about when it comes to Aguilera (remember her super catty remarks last season?) and Lopez.

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And though it's way too early to judge Lovato's mentoring abilities on X-Factor (she's only just started her duties on the show), I think she, like Estefan, will have no problem getting viewers to fall in love with her. Though they're very different artists, they each have a down-to-earth charisma that I believe has the potential to garner high ratings that will win out over similar shows featuring fellow Latina judges. Besides, Estefan has more years of experience on her side than any of the other aforementioned females, making her the queen bee and certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Watch out Xtina & J.Lo—there's a new duo of Latina judges on the small screen!

What do you think of Estefan as a celebrity mentor? Tell us in the comments below!

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