Justin Bieber got knocked out, still only has eyes for Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber sure has had a rough couple of days. First he got into an argument with a photographer in an effort to protect girlfriend Selena Gomez and now, he is reportedly suffering from a concussion!

The singer was walking off the stage from one of his concerts in Paris when he ran right into a glass door. Though he managed to finish the rest of the show, afterwards, he felt disoriented and ended up passing out for a few seconds in his dressing room due to the injury. And though he's been diagnosed with a concussion, the Biebs said he will be just fine, tweeting "I'm Canadian. we are tough. lol. its all good."


One thing the bump on the head hasn't affected? Bieber's feelings for Gomez! In an interview shortly after the accident occurred, Bieber was asked what he thought of women abroad and the ever-loyal boyfriend gave a super sweet answer, saying Gomez is the only girl for him.

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Aww! I admit I've always believed that they are way too young to be in a serious relationship, but even I have to say that the two make for a pretty adorable (and talented) couple. Plus, it seems like Bieber is a really great boyfriend, constantly protecting Gomez and praising her--which I guess is only fair because she is one amazing Latina!

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In any case, I'm sure Gomez will help her man get through his injury just fine. Feel better, Biebs!

What do you think of the couple? Tell us in the comments below!

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