I'm a big fan of award shows. And I'm not ashamed to admit that the main reason I watch them is because of all of the amazing fashion. Although the official Awards Season is over once the Oscars are done, the summer awards are just getting started.

This year I am super excited about the MTV Movie Awards, airing this Sunday, June 3rd. Not only am I psyched to see if my favorite novel-turned-into-book, The Hunger Games, takes home top honors but I also can't wait to see what some of my favorite Latinas are going to wear on the red carpet. 


There aren't really any Latinos nominated (sadly) but I know that we'll still wow on the red carpet. There are some repeat red carpet stealers--I'm looking at you Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes and there are some chicas who chose to go over-the-top most years (ahem, Xtina)--either way they always gave good face at the MTV awards show. Here are our picks for MTV Movie Award's best dressed Latinas of all time.