Keeping up with William Levy: from hot on DWTS, to steamy and sexy on 'Single Ladies' (VIDEO)

There is a God! Yes! There is a God! And my prayers have been answered. It's been a lonely past few days since Dancing With the Stars finale this past week. And busy as I've been wiping away my tears and wondering what life without William Levy's sexy moves on the show will be like, there's been plenty of Ave Maria's and Padre Nuestros hoping (¡Bendito sea!) que mi querido William Levy doesn't disappear for too long.

So lo and behold, there he was! My Prince Charming, horse and all. My life might be like a telenovela, starring William Levy (yeah, right!), but this has been the climax of my long weekend: knowing that VH1 is where the Cuban hunk and his wild horse--Antonio and Diablo--will be at, and turning this Monday night at 9 pm something to really look forward to. 


Levy dances his way into VH1's 'Single Ladies' second season premiere, and I (sigh), I'll be doing a happy dance at home. Even if it's only for two episodes (what number do we call to vote that they sign you up for more?) and your alter ego's heart is already taken by former lover Raquel (Denise Vasi's, puertorriqueña-dominicana character on the sexy show), I'll be with you William, and Team Fuego and a couple of others I'm sure. Can't wait!

Here's a sneak peak at one of his scenes on the show...

And another one... 


Miss William Levy much? What show would you like to see him on next?

Image via YouTube