'So You Think You Can Dance' premiere: Latino dancer Leo Reyes shines

Though American Idol and Dancing with the Stars might be over, that doesn't mean there aren't new reality competition shows to obsess over! The ninth season of So You Think You Can Dance premiered last night and though many contestants were obviously talented, one Latino dancer stood out from the pack: Leo Reyes of Brooklyn, New York gave me goosebumps with his audition that he dedicated to his mom.


Before taking the stage, Reyes shared the heartbreaking story that brought him to the show in the first place. After Reyes came home one day and found his mother lying on the couch, he realized she had attempted suicide. Though she survived and is now doing much better, Reyes says the shock of the incident spurred him to start following his dreams. "I was like Mom, you can't go, you haven't seen me dance on a big stage yet," he recounted through tears, right before going on stage. "This is for you, te amo, I love you so much."

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Hoping to give his mom a reason to be proud of him and using the painful memory of that day as inspiration, Reyes performed an absolutely beautiful and moving dance that literally brought me to tears. Even more impressive? He set it to a totally unexpected song choice, Drake's "Look What You've Done," which somehow matched the somber tone of the performance perfectly. And I wasn't the only one who thought his dance was stunning—the judges sent him straight to Vegas for the next round!

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I'm so excited to see such a talented Latino on the show, especially one who has overcome such difficult and emotional obstacles. I hope Reyes continues to use his mom as his inspiration and that doing so will take him far into the competition. But either way, after just that performance, I'm sure his mom is proud of him already!

Watch Reyes audition here:


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Image via FOX

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