Thank you 'Law & Order & Food' Tumblr for giving us Benjamin Bratt in all his gloriousness

Confession time: I am not all that attracted to Latinos.

First, height is an issue for me. Second, I'm a sucker for blue eyes. Third, um my father and brother are Latino and eww yuck--no thanks. There is of course, one exception to the rule (OK there are like 3 exceptions, maybe 4) and it is Benjamin Bratt. The part-Peruvian actor has always had my heart, and my um, well, other things. I mean he is just so damn sexy!

Especially in his most famous role as committed father and policeman Rey Curtis on Law & Order. And thank you interwebs, now there is a new Tumblr where you can see him in all his glory.


The Law & Order & Food Tumblr is amazing for so many reasons. Who knew they ate so much on that show? And there are some really delicious picture of my favorite Latino. Here are just three you can drool over for now!

I mean what would you give to be that popsicle! OK, back to work. Thank you interwebs for making our day!

What is your favorite Benjamin Bratt moment? Share in the comments below!

Images via NBC

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