Jessica Sanchez loses 'American Idol'--are Latinos to blame?

I just don't understand America! First William Levy got third place on Dancing with the Stars and then last night on the American Idol finale, powerhouse contestant Jessica Sanchez lost the winning title to her co-finalist, Phillip Phillips. What the heck is going on?! Are people seriously not recognizing the amazing Latin talent right in front of their faces?


I mean, it can't be that everyone's just too lazy to choose because last night's results were based on a record-breaking 132 million votes! The only explanation is that Sanchez's lackluster final performance the night before hurt her chances, which is unfortunate because that's one of the very few times that she hasn't truly shined on stage. Sigh. The whole thing is a little frustrating because while Phillips is talented, Sanchez has been the better vocalist throughout the whole competition. And where were her fellow Latinos? Voting for Phillips it seems...

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Still, the 16-year-old isn't too heartbroken over the loss. Sanchez said she was happy for her friend Phillips and was grateful for "the whole crew of American Idol" for supporting her. She also thanked her fans for voting. Aww, what a sweetheart!

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One thing that made Sanchez's loss even more bittersweet? The absolutely mind-blowing duet she performed with Jennifer Holliday during the finale. The two sang one of Sanchez's favorite songs, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," and absolutely brought down the house with their crazy diva vocals. In fact, Jennifer Lopez was literally jumping and down with glee at the end of their performance!

In the end, although Sanchez didn't win, at least she got to perform with one of her idols and share her incredible talent with the world. I have no doubts that a (smart) record label will snatch her up as fast as they can and that we'll get to see some great music from her in the future. She is obviously meant to be on stage.

Watch the announcement of the winner here:

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