Now that Dancing with the Stars is over and our beloved William Levy is moving on to other projects, I can't help but wonder who will our next obsession on the show be? Seeing how absolutely insane America went over Levy, I think producers would be smart to enlist some other telenovela superstars for future seasons, like my picks below. And although I know that the fall will (finally!) be bringing back a cast of all-stars and not enlisting , I strongly believe that whoever is in charge of casting the show should keep these names in mind. Here, 5 telenovela actors who would also make great potential DWTS contestants (you're welcome ABC!): 

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Image via ABC

Kate del Castillo 1

Kate del Castillo

Image via The Grosby Group

One of Mexico's most acclaimed and popular actress, del Castillo is known for making any project a hit. I'd love to see her tackle the ballroom floor as well!


Fabián Ríos 2

Fabián Ríos

Image via Getty Images

The Colombian actor and model just nabbed a role as Guillermo "Willy" del Castillo in a new Telemundo drama. Is that perfect timing or what? Plus, he's also very, very good-looking. Just saying.


Elizabeth Gutierrez 3

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Image via The Grosby Group

Who better to compete for the Mirror Ball trophy than Levy's on and off girlfriend and mother of his kids? It would be the perfect opportunity for her to take the win that was robbed from Levy (I'm still a little bitter) and we would get to see him cheering for her in the audience, just like she did on this season. Everybody wins!

Julián Gil 4

Julián Gil

Image via The Grosby Group

Gil is an (attractive!) Argentine-born Puerto Rican actor and model who has starred in a number of telenovelas and has acted as a judge on Nuestra Belleza Latina--which also means he can hold his own in a competitive setting!


Maite Perroni 5

Maite Perroni

Image via The Grosby Group

The Mexican actress and singer has been starring in telenovelas since 2004, when she first made her small screen debut.  Univision even named her the Queen of Telenovels in 2009. She's beautiful, talented, and above all, internationally adored—just like Levy!