Selena Gomez proves she's ready for SNL with '50 Shades' parody (VIDEO)

Who knew that Selena Gomez had such a sense of humor? She's making waves with her laugh-out-loud parody of mommy porn trilogy 50 Shades of Grey in the new Funny or Die video "50 Shades of Blue". What surprised me the most, though, was just how funny Selena could be. Justin Bieber's girlfriend seem to be channeling the book's heroine, Ana and my other favorite funny Latina, Sofia Vergara, as she bites her lip and looks comically sultry. Is she trying to prove she's got the comedic chops to take on Saturday Night Live, next?


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If they weren't watching her before, I bet the producers of SNL are definitely paying attention now. And I think Selena is really poising herself as the new funny Latina in town.

In the "50 Shades of Blue" video, she plays a girl a lot like Anastasia, reading her book, with her signature lip biting, that's inexplicably drawn to Carl Blue, a painter who comes to her house. Nick Kroll stars as the older, not-really-that-attractive Mr. Blue who is pretty creeped out by the silent girl by end of the video. But it's Selena's voice-over and longing stares that really had me giggling as she thought about how his "eyes were staring deep into mine" and concluded the video with the melodramatic line, "he changed me, I'll never be the same."

Gomez keeps surprising me. If she keeps being as funny as she was in this video, then perhaps she'll really could be Sofia Vergara's successor as the funniest Latina on television.  

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Image via Funny or Die

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