William Levy gets third place in 'DWTS' finals but America loves him anyway!

The Dancing with the Stars winner has FINALLY been crowned! After 10 weeks of intense competition, the closest finals in the history of the show and an amazingly talented trio of finalists, one  has officially come out on top. Tonight's finale welcomed back the entire cast and was jam-packed with performances from past contestants, as well as from the top three stars.  So who ended up taking home that Mirror Ball Trophy? (SPOILER ALERT: Don't continue reading if you haven't watched yet!) 


After combining all of the judge's scores and America's votes, Season 14's champion is...Donald Driver. The footballer took the win, followed closely by Katherine Jenkins in second place and William Levy in the third spot. 

The announcement came after all of the finalists performed one last dance, which they had created only the day before and allowed the judges to give them a final score. Levy stuck to his Latin roots, choosing to dance a sexy and upbeat salsa that caused the audience to start chanting his name. Jenkins performed a lively, fun jive and Driver danced a sultry cha-cha. All three recieved a perfect score, but Driver ended up with the ultimate prize--the Mirror Ball trophy.

Personally, I'm SUPER bummed, not to mentioned shocked, that Levy didn't win! I thought that he would make it into the top two at the very least! But I felt even worse when the camera flashed to Levy's son, who was crying into his mom's, Elizabeth Gutierrez, shirt. Aww, poor baby!!

Still, Levy should be incredibly proud that he made it so far into the competition. And no one can say that he didn't go out with a bang! Besides, now that America has fallen in love with him, we can look all forward to seeing him in plenty of other projects in the future.

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Image via ABC

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