Gloria Estefan proves she's a real Mamá Latina on the 'Glee' season finale!

I don't think I've been so excited for an episode of Glee since, well, another Latin superstar made an appearance. But while last February's episode, "The Spanish Teacher", featuring Ricky Martin was fun, today's episode with Gloria Estefan is a whole other arena. The Queen of Latin Pop lent her famous face to "Goodbye", the season 3 finale in which half of the Gleeks graduate, as Santana's mom. The two come face-to-face as newly lesbian Santana confronted another family member about her sexual orientation, off the heels of her grandmother's negative reaction and basically disowning my favorite McKinley High School cheerleader/glee club member. So how did the famous Mamá Latina do in this tearjerker of an episode?


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In her first scene, having dinner with Santana and her girlfriend Brittany, she's sweet and supportive of her daughter's lifestyle. At one point she surprises me by saying that Santana's grandmother rejecting her "sucks" but that "you don't want a person in your life that doesn't support your dreams." She really moved me with that statement, just before reminding us all that she's still a Mamá Latina! 

When Santana begins to have doubts about going to college in Kentucky and even considers staying in Lima, Ohio, with her has-to-repeat-senior-year girlfriend, Gloria's character immediate brushes her off, telling her to "go to college, New York will still be there after you've earned your college degree." 

Seriously, how mami is that of her?! 

I know my mom would have said the exact same thing, being firm with me while at the same time being supportive. After all, mami knows best and Santana's mami knows that graduating college is the best option for her. 

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She comes back later, after Santana has officially graduated, to give her a big check made up of "extra change, tax rebates and christmas bonuses" that she has saved up to help her daughter pay for college. Then she surprised me by telling Santana, who said she got a scholarship and didn't want to go to college anyway, to use the money to go to New York. 

Of course I love that she's supporting her daughter no matter what... But, I have to say, if it was my mami, she would have given me an old fashioned chancletaco and told me I'm going to college anyway. 

And yet, I'm still happy with Gloria's portrayal as Santana's mom. Standing beside her daughter shows a kind of bravery that only a true Mamá Latina would demonstrate. The only really disappointing part of the episode is that they didn't get to sing together!

I mean, really, what's the POINT of getting a superstar singer like Gloria Estefan on your show if you're not even going to give her a song? I don't really get that decision at all but, with Santana's future still a bit up in the air by the end of the episode, here's hoping that she'll get to come back next year. I'll be waiting, at least. 

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