Steven Tyler loves the 'American Idol' Latinas, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Sanchez!

American Idol's Steven Tyler is showing some serious love for both of the Latina artists on the show, Jennifer Lopez and finalist Jessica Sanchez! Though he didn't confirm or deny that he or Lopez would be returning next season, in a recent interview, Tyler expressed appreciation for his fellow judge--and shared his prediction for the winner of the competition.


"She's a sexy beast," Tyler told The Washington Post. "I feed off that female energy with her." He also admitted that he's "always flirting with her," which he says is "a really good thing." But what does he say is best part of sharing the judge's table with Lopez? "We've been able to pick some good talent," he said.

That's for sure! This season's two final contestants, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips, are both super talented and have incredible vocal skills. Still, Tyler, who has been one of Sanchez's biggest fans throughout the competition, believes the 16-year-old has an edge that can help her win the Idol title. "She sings so good you can't deny," he said. "But America votes for it, so we'll see."

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I love that Tyler is being so supportive of both Sanchez and Lopez, especially now with the finals coming up and all of the rumors swirling around J.Lo's possible departure from the show. I hope that both he and Lopez return next season because they clearly have great chemistry. Even more than that, I hope Sanchez wins the competition this week! But if she doesn't, at least she knows Tyler was on her side.

Do you think Sanchez will be the winner like Tyler? Tell us in the comments below!

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