Pray for Triple Crown hopeful Mario Gutierrez, because he just got cursed

Poor Mario Gutierrez! The Mexican jockey, who rides Kentucky Derby and now Preakness winning horse, I'll Have Another, has just been handed one of the most stressful titles in sports: Triple Crown hopeful.

Gutierrez and his horse pulled a come from behind victory in Saturday's Preakness, setting the duo up to hopefully win at the Belmont Stakes June 9 and become the first Triple Crown winner since 1978. No pressure there. I mean, so what no one has won the Triple Crown in 34 years. Piece of cake, right? WRONG!


Eleven, count 'em, 11 horses have been in this position over the last 34 years and all of them have fallen apart at the Belmont Stakes. What is it about that race? Maybe it is my superstitious Latina nature but something is clearly going on here--either that or the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness are just really easy to win.

So I am saying a small novena for poor Mario and his horse. Actually, I will be saying it a few times over the next few weeks because how cool would it be to have a Mexican jockey become so famous! How famous could this make Mario and his mare? Ever heard of Secretariat? Disney made a movie in 2010 about the famed Triple Crown winner and household name.

Maybe they will make a movie about Mario Gutierrez and his horse. Hmm, I think he looks a little like Gael Garcia Bernal...

Send Mario and I'll Have Another your best wishes in the comments section below!

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