Sara Ramirez survives 'Grey's Anatomy' finale but what's next for her?

If you haven't seen last night's Grey's Anatomy finale, then you should probably stop reading. I'm not going to hold back because I am just SO SHOCKED about what actually happened. The good news is that my favorite Latina mami on TV, Sara Ramirez, has survived the season finale. The bad news, though, is that she's got a long and difficult road ahead of her after both her character's wife, Arizona, and her baby daddy, Mark, were badly hurt in the plane crash that rocked Seattle Grace. 


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The biggest shocker of the night, of course, was the death of one adorable Little Grey. That's right, show creator Shonda Rhimes killed off Lexie Grey, the character played by Chyler Leigh--and in the first 20 minutes, no less! It was heartbreaking as she died, begging Mark Sloan to hold her hand as she faded. At least she finally got the answer she was waiting for, as McSteamy told her that he loved her and that she can't die because "we're supposed to end up together. We're meant to be!" Cue crying form millions of fans, myself included.

Meanwhile, Arizona had to reset her own broken leg after laughing about how she's married to an orthopaedic surgeon (a.k.a. Sara's Dr. Callie Torres). Then Mark turned out to have an injury (something about blood collecting) that had Meredith, Christina and Derek scrambling to help him with what little supplies they had. The episode ended with hospital chief Hunt realizing that the plane never made it with our plane survivors huddled in the cold.

All of this is pretty bad news for Callie as she anxiously waited, dressed sexy in bed, for her wife who should have been walking through the door at any moment. How will she react next season, when she finds out what really happened? How will Sara Ramirez's character deal with her broken wife and ailing best friend/baby's father? And so much for Callie and Arizona getting a break after all the heartbreak of last season.

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Next season is going to be tough as everyone recovers from wounds, both physical and emotional. I think that, despite these tragedies, next year is going to be a good one for Sara Ramirez--at least in terms of acting. The Mexican and Irish-American actress is going to have a lot of opportunities as Callie leads her family's recovery. The hardest challenge, I'm sure, will be helping her best friend get over the death of the love of his life. How will she deal with it? I'm sure with as much class as ever. It will be difficult to watch because, well, I loved Lexie and Mark together. But I'll still be watching—especially to see the Callie/McSteamy friendship weather this storm.

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy finale? How do you think Callie Torres will deal with the plane crash next season? Share with us in the comments below!

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