Did John Travolta have sex with his Latino masseuse?

It doesn't look like questions over John Travolta's sexuality are going away anytime soon. Now, a Latino massage therapist is claiming that he also had a sexual rendezvous with the actor. Luis Gonzalez recently told the National Enquirer Travolta was a "great kisser" and "very experienced in bed."

Gonzalez said Travolta allegedly propositioned him while he was giving the star a massage at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in California in 1997. After Travolta apparently made it clear he was looking for more than relaxation, Gonzalez says they had sex.  "We got into the bed that was right next to the massage table and had a really good time," he claimed.


Gonzalez is just the latest in a string of men who have recently accused Travolta of similar incidents. One former masseur, known to the public as John Doe #1, said Travolta tried to grope him and has now even hired famed lawyer Gloria Allred as his new representation in the lawsuit, which was previously dismissed. Doe #2, also a masseur, dropped his lawsuit and hired Allred as well.

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I personally find this whole story ridiculous. First of all, who even cares what Travolta has or hasn't done? The only time I'm concerned about Travolta's sexual relationships are if he's acting them out in a movie I'm watching. Other than that, I don't need to know. Not to mention that it's really not anyone's business and the real people the rumors are hurting are his wife and kids.

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Besides that, I just have a feeling these masseurs are only looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I mean, if the accusations are true, the two John Does might have reason to seek action but there are ways to do so quietly--like maybe NOT hiring a lawyer who has participated in cases involving everyone from O.J Simpson to Britney Spears. And Gonzalez is the worst of the bunch! His supposed relation with Travolta happened 15 years ago and he's deciding to speak up now? Smooth, real smooth.

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