Donna Summer, inspiration to Selena, dies at 63 (VIDEO)

It's a sad day when a music icon like Donna Summer dies. The Queen of Disco was 63 and reportedly battling cancer in Florida. Her death is a reminder of the impact she had on music of all kinds and on Selena (one of my favorite artists of all time) who was heavily influenced by the disco queen. Although (as far as I know), the two never collaborated together—one of Selena's best (and last) moments was when she covered Donna Summer's "Last Dance" and "On The Radio" during a Diso Medley at her final concert in the Houston Astrodome. The death of Donna Summer, and the reminder of Selena's death, is a true tragedy today.  


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Although she may not have sung Latin music, Donna Summer has always had a special place in my heart. She's one of the few artists that my dad and I have always agreed on—him loving her from the beginning and me rediscovering the Disco Queen thanks to Selena. She was known for songs like "Bad Girls," "Last Dance," "On The Radio" and "She Works Hard for the Money".

Her music was always fun, so I can see why Selena was such a huge fan. I remember one of the early parts of the Selena biopic starring then-barely known Jennifer Lopez, in which a girl playing young Selena argues with her dad about learning to sing in Spanish. That was a huge moment in her career, deciding to launch her career in Spanish, and she argues against her dad at first saying that "I don't even like music in Spanish. I like Donna Summer. That's what I like."

Well, Selena, that's what I liked, too. And I love watching the video of Selena singing a Disco Medley filled with Donna Summer's songs. Although this video now has double sadness, it honors the memory of Donna Summer and Selena alike. May they both rest in Disco Ball peace.

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Were you shocked by the news of Donna Summer's death? Did you love the Selena tribute at her 1995 concert? Share with us in the comments below!

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