William Levy makes it to the finale and announces his post 'DWTS' plans! (VIDEO)

William Levy has officially made it into the finals of Dancing with the Stars! HOORAY! He definitely deserves it after his two stunning performances the previous night. Of course I'm thrilled, but last night's elimination round wasn't all happy--in a surprising twist, the top scoring couple from Monday's show, Maria Menonous and Derek Hough, were sent home! The decision shocked the judges and the audience, who booed loudly after the announcement was made. Now one thing's for sure--the competition is ON between the last three teams and things are about to get fierce.


Katherine Jenkins, who hurt her back and burst into tears after her performance on Monday, was saved by America, despite her low score and footballer Donald Driver also made it through. All three of the remaining couples have been considered frontrunners at some point or another so all of them will have to bring their absolute best game for what is being dubbed the closest finals (in level of talent) in Dancing with the Stars history.

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I am fully expecting Levy and partner Cheryl Burke to bring it home and win that Mirror Ball trophy but Levy is going to have to pull out some seriously amazing moves if he wants to take the prize. But even if he doesn't win, he and all of his fans should be super proud and impressed that they made it this far, especially with an injured ankle.

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No matter what happens in the finals, Levy isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It was officially announced yesterday that he will be soon in a telenovela on Univision and he's also joining the cast of VH1's hit series "Single Ladies" which premieres later this month.  

So women around America don't fret! You'll still be able to get your Levy fix every day after DWTS ends next week. In the meantime, GO TEAM FUEGO! 

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