'Desperate Housewives' is over, but Eva Longoria is as busy as ever!

It's the end of an era –a very dramatic, very long, very desperate era! After 8 years of making us laugh, cry, and cringe, ABC's Desperate Housewives has finally come to a close and the women of Wisteria Lane are moving on and going their separate ways.  But don't worry--our favorite Latina housewife, Eva Longoria, won't exactly be fading from the spotlight. Though she'll no longer be playing the spoiled but caring Gabrielle Solis, Longoria will have plenty of other roles to focus on, this time behind-the-camera. Check out some of the Mexican actress's upcoming projects:


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  1. Producing NBC's upcoming dating show, Ready for Love. The show (hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic) plans to help three men, which Longoria calls "very different, very diverse" find their future wives! Though Longoria won't be appearing on camera, she has been involved in shaping the show and picking its stars.
  2. Co-producing ABC's new series, Devious Maids with Housewives creator Marc Cherry. The show, which features a cast of mostly Latina actresses as maids, has sparked some controversy among the community. But I'm not prepared to write it off just yet! Handled correctly, and especially with Longoria's help, the show could be a great platform for Latina actresses.
  3. Executive producing CW's new project, Vega v. Vega. Longoria and several other producers sold the script of the one-hour legal drama to the network in December. The show will focus on a young successful lawyer who is forced to go into practice with her mother, with whom she has an unstable relationship.
  4. Making her mark in politics. Longoria is co-chair for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and will continue speaking on the president's behalf throughout this year's election.

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