Eva Longoria's 8 best mom moments on 'Desperate Housewives' (VIDEOS)

Ever since Desperate Housewives started eight years ago, I've been a huge fan of Eva Longoria. The Mexican-American actress came into our lives and hearts then and I don't think she'll ever leave. Although her character, Gabrielle Solis, started out as a salacious and selfish cheating wife, she has grown a lot over the last almost decade. Not only that but Eva has gone from portraying a woman who was all ME ME ME to a woman who became a pretty great wife and mother. With tonight's series finale, I'm looking back on all of the Gaby moments that made me laugh and cry and all of the reasons why I fell in love with Eva Longoria as an actress. Although I'm sad that the series is ending, I know that she will keep making us laugh (and cry) for years to come. 


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1. The first time that Gabrielle Solis found out she was pregnant (thanks to morning sickness) was pretty funny, with her telling her husband that she plans to get fat in honor of his mother. 

2. I think the saddest moment on Desperate Housewives was when child-hating Gabrielle fell down the steps and had a miscarriage, only to realize that she wanted the baby all along. 

3. After Gabrielle and Carlos Solis finally adopted a baby girl to complete their family, she was taken away. One of Eva Longoria's best acting moments was her desperate cry for the child. 

4. Once Gaby actually became a mom, it didn't stop her from sometimes looking after herself. This hysterical moment happened when she wanted to lose weight--and made her girls eat healthy. 

5. A funny and yet poignant scene was when Carlos confronted Gaby about their Mexican heritage. It's an interesting take on how to incorporate your background into your life, but it's not always the easy way.

6. Eva definitely proves herself to be a true Mamá Latina in this scene where she not only makes her ward go change out of her slutty outfit, but she also tells her daughter Juanita that she's not afraid to hit her (after Juanita says a very disrespectful "Oh Snap!").

7. Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis reacts just like a Latina mom after her daughter wears make-up withour her permission, simultaneously knowing the girl went too far while also appreciating that she just wanted to look more beautiful, like her ex-model mom. 

8. Deep down, Gaby will defend her daughters till the end--and that's what truly makes her the best Latina mom, ever. Eva Longoria in this scene is funny, heartfelt and spectacular. 

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What is your favorite Eva Longoria moment throughout the last 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives? Share with us in the comments below!

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