Spanish actress Elsa Pataky gives birth with husband Chris Hemsworth

How exciting! After months of waiting, and telling us that they're planning to raise their baby to speak Spanish, 35-year-old Spanish actress Elsa Pataky has finally given birth to her adorable daughter with 28-year-old husband (and star of The Avengers) Chris Hemsworth. The baby girl has some pretty awesome parents in her mom and dad. The two are very committed to making sure that their new daughter is raised bi-cultural and I think that's absolutely amazing. 


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I'm really excited for the new proud parents of baby girl India Rose. Her name is absolutely perfect but the most important part of this whole puzzle is that they are really committed to making sure that their daughter gets the best of both worlds.  

It's no surprise that Australian-born star of Thor is going to teach his baby girl all about his culture as well as America, but I think it's particularly impressive that he wants his daughter to grow up to speak Spanish. It's an amazing feat for a man who didn't grow up learning Spanish at all. He's clearly fallen in love with his wife's culture and wants his new family to be able to appreciate all of the places from which they came. I mean, is there anything better that you could hope for than for your husband to love and appreciate his culture as well as yours?

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It's pretty good news, isn't it? I think that the world can always use more bi-cultural children and especially parents who may not be Latin but are still very supportive of their kids being brought up in that culture and learning Spanish. I'm so happy for the two actors and their new baby girl. I can't wait to see what happens with the new Spanish-speaking princess of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. 

Are you happy that Elsa Pataky finally had her baby with Chris Hemsworth? Do you think it's important to raise your baby with more than one language? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via FilmMagic