Big scare! The girls from 'Nuestra Belleza Latina' suffered a car accident

I just finish reading this headline and it gave me goosebumps. It turns out that some media outlets reported that finalists of the TV program were involved in an automobile accident when on their way to a recording of 'Nuestra Belleza Latina'. Although not enough information hasn't been released on the matter, some media have revealed what was published in the TV show's official page on Facebook  which states that "the finalists of Nuestra Belleza Latina took part on an automobile accident when they were on their way to a recording."


The web site also adds that "a few minutes later, paramedics took care of them when they arrived at the place of the incident. All of them were evacuated to a nearby hospital to check their health condition…" At the moment, very little is known about the accident, but some media outlets, like newspaper Vocero, reported that "Puerto Ricans Vannessa De Roide and Shalimar Creek, Mexicans Fanny Vargas and Setareh Kahtibi, as well Venezuelan Karol Scott were taken care by paramedics who arrived at the scene and later were transferred to a hospital to check their health condition."

On the images published on Facebook by the show's production crew, it can be seen the scene of the accident, which apparently involved a red car and a white truck. And even though it is unknown in which car the finalists were traveling, you can see that the red car was the one that suffered more damages, because all its frontal area was destroyed.

We hope that all of them are well and that it was just a big scare. I wouldn't like to think that these talented young women suffered something more serious, because it would be a terrible thing. Let's all pray so be it! In case you want to know more about this event, details will be given in the TV program 'el Gordo y la Flaca' at 4 EST/3 CST, as it was informed on the show's official page.

Image via Nuestra Belleza/facebook

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