Toddler has hilariously terrified reaction to robot dinosaur (VIDEO)

What would you do if you found yourself face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex? If you're anything like the two-and-half-year old in this hilarious video, you would probably run away as fast as you can!

While walking down a with his family, Zack—who actually loves dinosaurs like most little boys—suddenly spots a huge robot T-Rex at the side of the road  and quickly stops short. He stares at the machine as if he can't believe his eyes (hey, I don't know if I would believe it either) and takes a few timid steps towards it.


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Of course, at that exact moment, the fake dinosaur makes a slight motion and roars, once again causing poor little Zack to freeze in shock. As his mother comes up beside him to ask him what it is, Zack has a moment of clarity and suddenly realizes they could be in imminent dangerous. So what does he do?

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"Run! Run!" he shouts as he sprints back as fast as his little legs can take him. HAHA! The whole thing is so cute and hysterical, especially because their son's terrified reaction only makes both of his parents laugh. Oh, the funny things kids do!

Watch Zack's first encounter with a dinosaur:

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Image via YouTube