Bear cubs form world's cutest love train (VIDEO)

It's almost Friday and you could probably use a good laugh or two after this long week! Don't worry—we've got you taken care of. Just watch this amazingly hilarious video of these adorable bear cubs forming a--wait for it--CONGA LINE!


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Or at least it sure looks like a conga line! As you can see in the video, one cub plops down and suddenly, one-by-one, a whole band of cubs begin to sit directly behind him and rest their paws on the shoulder of the one in front of them. I swear you can almost hear "Love Train" playing as its happening!

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The cutest part though is when the last two bears keep knocking each other over and taking over each other's spots as they try to take their place behind their fellow cubs. In the end though, they all work it out and are able to assume their positions in their happy dance line!  

Watch the cutest conga line ever form:

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Image via YouTube