Should J.Lo slow down in love AND life?

Jennifer Lopez is performing on American Idol tonight! She sure is one busy gal--her movie What to Expect When You're Expecting is being released this month, she is about to embark on her first world wide tour with fellow Latino Enrique Inglesias, and let's not forget her judging duties.

The singer will perform her new single "Dance Again" during the show's elimination rounds, which will send one of the remaining contestants back home and narrow the competition down to its final three. Lopez presented the song's super sexy video on the show last month and everyone was pretty shocked to see how sexy she got with her brand new Beau Casper Smart.


But her career isn't the only thing in her life that's fast-paced. Lopez's relationship with 25-year-old Smart is also heating up quickly. Smart has already moved into the mansion that Lopez shares with her 4-year-old twins, Max and Emme. And though Lopez seems happy with the arrangement, telling press at a recent conference that she's a "bit of a romantic," sources told People magazine that some of her loved ones "worry that Casper will take advantage of her [because] she has fallen so hard."

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I can't say I disagree. The two have only been together for six months and they started dating very soon after Lopez's divorce for Marc Anthony. It seems extremely fast for him to already live with her and most importantly, her kids! Maybe taking some time to focus only on her career and her kids wouldn't have been a bad idea? Plus, it's not like this is the first time J.Lo has gone from casual to serious in the blink of an eye--so I totally understand why her close family and friends would be concerned.

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Regardless, I'm glad to see Lopez thriving in her career and so seemingly content with her life. I just hope that she takes some much-needed downtime for herself and her kids soon -- like this weekend on Mother's Day!  She'll need all the energy she can get before heading off on her widely anticipated tour. 

Do you think Lopez needs to slow down at all? Tell us in the comments below!

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