William Levy better not eat too much ice cream if he wants to win 'DWTS'

Last night was bittersweet for everyone on Dancing with the Stars! Two teams, Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower and Melissa Gilbert and Maks Chmerkovskiy, were sent home during the first double elimination of the season (side note: I totally called that in my predictions!). But while it was sad for both the audience and the other contestants to see them go, their departing has only brought William Levy one step closer to the finals.

Team Fuego was declared safe pretty early in the evening, which I'm sure took some of the stress of the night off their shoulders but they are feeling the pressure. Levy recently revealed his favorite trick to coping with all of the pressure from the show: "I stay up late at home watching sports, eating and not thinking about anything," he told PEOPLE. "I stay by myself watching TV, reading a book, eating ice cream."


Well after last night, I think he has plenty of reasons to indulge in some celebratory ice cream! Now that Levy has been saved from elimination, he remains in the top spot of the leaderboard. But next week, he will have to step up his game even further to battle against the three remaining couples and make it in the finals.

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I have to admit that though I was pretty confident Levy would make it through after his two stunning performances the night before, I'm getting a little nervous! At this point in the competition, things are definitely becoming more unpredictable. I mean, who would've thought that Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas, the team originally pegged as the main front runners against Levy and Burke, would be in the bottom three last night? Not me!

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Regardless, I am thrilled that Levy has made it this far. It's crazy how fast the competition has seemed to fly by and now, Team Fuego is only steps away from the finals! Mirror Ball trophy, we're coming for you!

Were you surprised by last night's double elimination at all? Tell us in the comments below!

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