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10 things we hope Univision does on their new English-language network

Here's some news that I think will please just about everybody: Disney-owned ABC News and famed Spanish language channel Univision have joined forces to develop an English-Language channel for Latinos. I think this is one of the best ideas I've ever heard because, seriously, it's very much needed. It's no joke that English-speaking Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the US and I'm excited to see the premiere of the channel that will include lifestyle, entertainment and health-related program as well as traditional news programming.

Around here, we have a couple ideas about what we all want to see from this new venture!


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1. Sabado Gigante in English: Yes, seriously. This was my favorite variety show as a kid and they really have to bring it back in English. It'll be a great Saturday night for sure.

2. A Telenovela: With Desperate Housewives going off the air, maybe Eva Longoria will join a new English-language soap opera--but this one has to be telenovela-style, as in I want to see something crazy intense airing Monday-Friday in primetime that lasts for just a few months.

3. Spotlight funny Latinas: There are some pretty funny Latinas out there (Sofia Vergara and Aubrey Plaza immediately come to mind) and I'd love to see a lot more of them.

4. An English Walter Mercado: Seriously. Although the Puerto Rican astrologer and Univision parted ways, I would love love LOVE to see someone like him doling out advice on the air.

5. Return of Power-Weather Girl: There's nothing quite like the Latina power weather girl and it's exactly what this new channel will need to make their news segments shine.

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6. New Latino Directors and Writers: What the industry really desperately needs is to showcase new behind-the-scenes Latino talent, like directors, writers and crew. Give them work, people!

7. Latino talent DWTS: Um, OBVIOUSLY. We love William Levy on Dancing with the Stars so much that how could we NOT want a whole show devoted to him and other Latin hotties dancing away?

8. A Latina Oprah or Ellen: This channel's definitely going to need a voice of reason, fun and advice. Hopefully she'll capture our hearts as much as these other daytime leading ladies.

9. Latin cooking shows: Well, I'm obsessed with the Food Network so this one's an obvious one for me, but I really want to see cooking shows with Latin chef superstars like Aarón Sanchez.

10. A Latin John Stewart or Tosh.0: We're definitely going to need a daily dose of end-of-the-night giggle and I would absolutely love to see a comedian doling out the news, no matter how outrageous.

What would you want to see on the English-language version of Univision?

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