Babies vs. Puppies Round 2: Stair Battle (VIDEOS)

We've already pretty much proven that in a cuteness showdown between babies and puppies, there is no clear winner. They're all just so darn adorable! But in this round, we added a twist: Stairs! Watching young kids and pups take their first steps (or climb) up and down the stairs is enough to make anyone squeal with delight. So we rounded up 5 super cute and funny videos of these adorable little ones taking their first journey on the stairs.

I have to admit that I was a little scared for the babies since they can fall so easily, but the videos show close parental supervision! In this case, the real stars might be the puppies--they're so adorable sliding around everywhere with their little paws! My favorite is the last video because the puppy seems so confused. He's like, "What are these things?" Watch and decide on your favorite below!


1. Bulldog conquers his first flight of stairs

2. Slow and steady climb wins the race!

3. Puppy's first trip down the stairs

4. Baby needs a little help reaching his toy at the top of some steps!


5. How do you work these stairs?

 What do you think of the videos? 

Image via YouTube