What Latino kids can learn from half-Mexican Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers

The Avengers finally came to theatres last night and I was almost just as excited to see this movie as I was to see The Hunger Games. Everyone's been buzzing about this movie from the beginning and, from what I heard, it's going to the THE movie of the summer. Well, I couldn't resist going on opening night and, to be honest, I was pleasantly satisfied with a movie that's great fun for the whole family, but can also teach the kids a few things. Surprised? I was. 


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One of the most exciting things about this movie was getting to see half-Mexican Iron Man, a.k.a. "genius millionaire playboy philanthropist" Tony Stark, fight with a team. I only recently found out that his mother is Mexican and I think that makes him a great role model for kids. Not just because he's Mexican (and definitely not the playboy part) but because he's smart and dedicated. Throughout his movies he's been committed to using science to better the world and this one was no different.

But the best lesson from The Avengers for kids is learning to work as a team. The movie isn't about sharing or always being nice to others. Those are good lessons, yes, but the gang of the Avengers is very realistic about being different kids of people, different kids of personalities.

They don't automatically play well together (as Iron Man puts it) but in the end they learn how to work together. They learn how to work together despite their differences and that's the most important lesson for kids. While one kid may be big and strong (like the Hulk), one kid may be way too confident (like Iron Man) or another may be follow-the-rules good (like Captain America), but the point is that they learned to work together and cooperate. And that's the real reason why you should take your kids to see The Avengers movie. Not because it's just tons of fun (which it is) but because it'll be educational, too. 

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Are you going to take your kids to see The Avengers movie?

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