2-year-old girl curses her dad out! (VIDEO)

One of the best things about the toddler stage of a child's life is that they're learning new words but still saying them in that adorable, little kid voice! That mix of real language with baby chatter is just so cute, especially when they end up saying something they don't mean. That's exactly what happened to the 2-year-old girl in this video, who accidentally curses out her dad while trying to pronounce the word "vacuum."



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At her parent's request, the toddler slowly repeats the word over and over. But with her little girl pronunciation, "vacuum" ends up sounding a lot like a certain explicit phrase –which, of course, sends the young child's two parents and even her older sister into hysterics.

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But my favorite part about the whole thing? As her dad erupts into laughter, she just continues on obliviously, sounding out the world again and again. Haha, how adorable is that!

Watch all of the hilarity ensue here:

Do you kids ever pronounce words in funny ways? 

Image via YouTube

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