Is this lion seriously trying to eat a baby?! (VIDEO)

Oh my god. I can't tell if this video is adorable or terrifying. It's probably a little of both…but mostly terrifying. In this clip, an adorable one-year-old boy named Jack is sitting in front of a lion exhibit while on his first trip to the zoo with his family. Sounds harmless right? Except for when the toddler attracts the attention of a lioness named Kya and she proceeds to paw through the glass and eat him.  

Yes, eat him. Jack's parents say that his striped sweatshirt must have reminded the lion of a zebra because (as you can see in the video below) upon seeing him, Kya opens her huge scary mouth and literally presses it up against the glass in an attempt to grab the innocent child! When she can't get it, she frantically begins to claw at the window, trying to break through. Ahh!


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"That's almost, like not cool," someone says in the background of the video. Um yeah no kidding! But although MY heart skipped a beat when I saw the clip, Jack's parents found it absolutely hilarious and can be heard laughing in the recording.

Sigh. Call me paranoid but all I wanted to do was pick that baby up and take him as far away from that window as possible. I mean, maybe they're right and it was the sweatshirt…but maybe they're wrong and the lion is just hungry!

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In any case, parents should take one important note from this clip: Don't dress your child in stripes, dots, or anything resembling animal skin when taking them to the zoo. In fact, maybe just avoid patterns altogether.  

What do you think of the video - funny or scary?

Image via YouTube