Javier Colon and Vicci Martinez steal the spotlight with their performances on 'The Voice!' (VIDEOS)

'The Voice' is officially down to its last four contestants! On last night's episode, one member from each team was eliminated, leaving only the lucky few who will be representing their celebrity coaches in the finals. In honor of the occasion, last year's final four, including Latinos Javier Colon and Vicci Martinez, made appearances on the show --reminding all of those who might have forgotten what truly amazing singers they are.

After much build-up, America's votes were added to the coaches' points (each had to split 100 points between their remaining team members) and the final contestants were revealed. Tony Lucca won out for Team Adam Levine, Juliet Simms for Team Cee Lo Green, Jermaine Paul for Team Blake Shelton and Chris Mann for Team Christina Aguilera (who, by the way, was once again wearing a really weird but totally Xtina crystal headpiece thing). 



But while I was excited to see some of my favorites go through the next round (I love Juliet!), I have to admit all the choices were pretty predictable. In fact, the only real exciting part of the whole episode was seeing Colon and Martinez perform again. Seriously they are so freakin' good, it made me realize that this season has kind of, well, sucked-- at least in terms of living up to or surpassing last year's talent.

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Though I admit that this year's competition has spotlighted much more unique voices, all of which were interesting and cool to watch, few of the contestants have really blown me away. But I don't think I fully realized that until last night when I watched Colon perform "A Drop in the Ocean" and literally got goosebumps.  He is, by far, one of the best and most emotional singers I've ever heard.

And Martinez is in the same super talented boat! She performed with her former coach, Cee Lo, taking on the stage in her signature fiery style and it was awesome. It's crystal clear why she was always known as "the warrior" last year.

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Maybe it just has to do with their Latin spunk, but I think these two contestants bring a fire to their performances that this year's singers just don't have. And though the remaining contestants are talented, they don't really "wow" me. In fact, with the exception of Simms, I haven't felt any real connection to any of them.

Still, next week is the finals and who knows what will happen? Maybe they'll change my mind!

What do you think? Was this season of The Voice better or worse than the first one?

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