William Levy was totally robbed of a perfect score on last night's 'DWTS!'

OK, I know my Latina roots make me the teensiest bit biased towards William Levy on Dancing with the Stars, but I seriously think he was very under-scored on last night's show! This week was Classic Week and all the contestants had to perfect their techniques in order to fare well with the more traditional dances. And Latino heartthrob Levy did just that--his Viennese waltz with partner Cheryl Burke was graceful, polished and elegant. So why the heck did he only score a 27 out of 30?

Last week, Levy and Burke were criticized by judge Len Goodman for delivering a rumba that was "too raunchy." But this week they embraced a more romantic side with their dance, drawing ear-deafening screams and applause from the audience. And though the judges gave him some high praise (Carrie Ann Inaba compared him to a pro dancer), no one gave him a 10! WTF?!


At first, I thought the judges were just being extra strict with their scores because it was classic week, which is very technical dance-wise. But then they went ahead and gave Maria Menonous and Derek Hough the first 30 of the season!  I mean, come on! I at least expected more from Bruno, who has so far been Levy's biggest fan!

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Admittedly, Menonous and Hough did deliver a great performance BUT that doesn't mean that Levy and Burke didn't also deserve a perfect score. Why not allot two 30's in one show?

To make matters worse, Levy and Burke were captains of a team dance this week and the judges low-balled them on that performance also! Even though their group, Team Paso, totally blew Team Tango out of the water, they got the lower score of a 26. Seriously?! It's not like I'm the only one who feels this way either -- the audience was booing too! LOUDLY!

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Grrr.  If I wasn't already so invested in the show, I would probably swear it off forever. But I just can't resist seeing what Levy will do next!  Still at least, they had a (kinda) good attitude about it.

"I think the fact that we couldn't even hear ourselves or the scores because people were booing so loudly, that for me is better than getting good scores," Burke said.

I love the optimism, Cheryl...but Levy fans still want to see a 30!!!

What do you think? Did you agree with the judge's scores?

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