Why Perez Hilton's mother is an amazing mamá Latina! (VIDEOS)

I love seeing Latin celebs with their moms! I think it's so cute that they show the world that their family relationships are just as important to them as they are to the rest of the community. Plus, Latina moms are just the best, aren't they? Authoritative but loving and always a ton of fun! One perfect example? Perez Hilton's mom!

Momma Perez is one of my favorite celeb moms because she is totally willing to act silly and goofy with her son! In fact, she's appeared in several hilarious videos with him, the most recent of which shows her dancing alongside Perez as he flaunts his buff new body! You just gotta love a mom who doesn't mind jamming out with her kids!  Here are some of Momma Perez's best moments:


1. Momma Perez joins Hilton as he dances in a Speedo.

2. Mom & Perez make cameos in Rihanna's "official" music video for 'We Found Love'

3. Momma and Perez have an awkward talk about sex. (She doesn't like to talk about it because she says le da pena! Yup, definitely Latina!)

4. Perez & Mom get on stage and dance the conga at a 2009 Gloria Estefan concert! 

Does your mom joke around with you like Momma Perez does with her son?

Image via YouTube

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