William Levy turns romantic for Classic Week on 'Dancing with the Stars!' (VIDEOS)

After performing a super sexy rumba on last week's Dancing with the Stars, Cuban stud William Levy toned down the raciness for tonight's kick-off to Classic Week. And though Levy's shirt (unfortunately) remained on in this performance, he still managed to impress the judges and score a 27 out of 30 for his sweet and graceful Viennese waltz.

Despite having difficulties with his ankle (which he injured a couple of weeks ago) in rehearsal, Levy proved to the world that he is a real dancer by showing off a more romantic side. He and partner Cheryl Burke's performance drew roaring applause from the crowd and high praises from the judges.


"That's what I was looking for. That is content, that is real dance," said judge Carrie Ann Inaba. Bruno Tunioli agreed, saying, "You put your heart and soul into this...it was so moving, it was beautiful."

In the second round of the night, contestants were divided into teams to perform group dances in which each couple split off one-by-one and gave short mini-dances. Levy and Burke went back to their sexier roots to lead "Team Paso," earning an extra 26 points for each team and bringing their score to a total of 53.

"I think that is going to go down in history as a fan favorite paso doble," Inaba said of the performance. 

Maria Menonous and Derek Hough now lead the pack at the top of the leaderboard with a total score of 57. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas take second place with a score of 54.

I'm disappointed that Levy didn't take first place but I have to say I really enjoyed seeing a softer side of him. It was a refreshing change --and only made me (and every viewer watching the show) love him that much more!

Watch Levy and Burke's individual dance and the group dance below:

What did you think of Levy's two performances tonight?

Image via ABC

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