5 things Jennifer Lopez should share on her new and improved website

Jennifer Lopez fans (or LOVE!RS as she calls them)  now have a brand-new destination to chat about and stay updated on their favorite singer/actress/diva extraordinaire. Lopez re-launched her website today, adding extra features that will give followers a backstage look at her upcoming tour.

Though the site seemed to be having some technical difficulties on the first day of its re-launch, once it gets up and running, members will get access to exclusive ticket giveaways, interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and more. And though Lopez herself hasn't officially confirmed the tour yet, her new site says she will be hosting a live webcast today at 4 p.m to make a "special announcement." I think we can guess what it is she'll be sharing!


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Though I'm super excited about learning more about her upcoming tour (it's her first worldwide one after all!), there are a few other things that I'd also really love to see on her updated online space. Here are 5 features I hope to see on the new and improved JenniferLopez.com!  

  1. More updates on her children! I always enjoy hearing how my favorite celebrity's kids are doing and I would love to see more of J.Lo's twins, Max and Emme. And can you blame me? They're so darn cute! Plus, I want to know what they're doing while she's on tour.  If they're going to be singing along with their mommy from backstage, I think that's some cuteness the world should be able to see.
  2. Some behind-the-scenes peeks at American Idol. Personally, I want to know how Lopez chooses what to wear before sitting down in her judge's chair every week. I mean, have you noticed her outfits? Some have been amazing, but some have been downright strange (remember that mostly see-through t-shirt that was held together by strips of fabric?). I would love to see the decision-making process behind each look!
  3. A look into any of Lopez's pre-stage rituals. Almost every singer, artist, or performer has a custom they like to practice before getting on stage. Some pray, some have a pep-talk with your band members or dancers, some eat or drink certain things, etc. I'm curious as to how Lopez will prepare for her performances!
  4. Videos of her dance rehearsals. If there's one thing that fans can definitely look forward to on Lopez's tour, it's some sexy choreography.  But though the finished product is sure to be amazing, I'm even more interested in seeing Lopez learn it step-by-step. Hey, even she needs to practice right?
  5. Any backstage bonding with Enrique Iglesias. Reportedly, Iglesias is co-headlining the tour with Lopez. Seriously, can you think of a hotter Latin duo? With those two superstars in the mix, I can guarantee there will be a ton of glam, glitz and Latin flavor going on behind-the-scenes –and I want to see it all!

 Will you be joining Lopez's new site? What would you like to see on it?

Image via Jennifer Lopez

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