Last night was one of the most exciting nights for Latin music, the Latin Billboard Awards! The stars really showed up on the red carpet and during the awards show, when Prince Royce and Don Omar really dominated the wins in almost every category. But I have to be honest: I could barely pay attention to who was winning and who was losing because of all of the incredibly HOT Latin men that were there! Seriously. Yes, there were some great red carpet moments featuring the ladies, too. But the people who really WOW'd last night were the men, killing it in sexy suits both on and off the stage. Check them out!

Hot Men of the Latin Billboard Awards

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Image via Telemundo

Marc Anthony

The ex-Mr. Jennifer Lopez was honored with a Hall of Fame award, all while flaunting his new girl, Shannon de Lima.

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Ex "Mr. Jennifer Lopez"? While he might of not be know well enough in the American Market, trust and believe in Latin America he is "MR MARC ANTHONY"!!! she never had nothing on him, he stands SOLO!!!

I totally agree with the previous comment! He's a fantasic singer! 


Oh, of COURSE he's a fantastic singer! But he's still her ex hubby, the same way that she'll always be his ex-wife. It wasn't to mean that he's not famous on his own--that was just his latest family drama!


I think Ricky Martin is missing from this list. He's still great after all these years.

I think Ricky Martin is missing from this list.  He is still great after all these years.  

I saw Marc perform live twice in NY , in his early days! He is still smooth and cool as ever

You all knew Pitbull would make the list :) 

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