Thalia & William Levy in a telenovela together would make my head explode!

Oh my GOD!!!! I'm freaking out here chicas. Why? Well, because I just read a (admittedly very sketchy) report about how Thalia wants to tap uber hottie William Levy to star in her return to telenovela glory.

How AMAZING would that be? I'm not a die-hard fan of all telenovelas, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate an exceptionally good one when i see it. I mean, even I watched episodes of La Reina del Sur and loved every second of them! Kate del Castillo was such a bad ass.

Plus, the nostalgia that a new Thalia telenovela would bring is just priceless. I mean, who hasn't watched (and loved) Maria la del Barrio?



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But the combination of Thalia and a super hot stud like Levy is almost too amazing to picture. It's like my ideal cast, especially if they play a star-crossed couple. Just think of how steamy some of those scenes would be!

Not to mention that now that Levy has crossed over to more mainstream audiences with his turn on Dancing with the Stars, I bet his presence would give a telenovela--or movie or pretty much any other visual project!!-- a serious ratings boost.

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Either way, a new show with Thalia as the main character is sure to be worth watching. But throwing in a little eye candy won't hurt anybody right?

Would you watch a telenovela with Thalia and Levy?

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