Are J.R. Martinez, Mario Lopez, and some of our other fave Latino contestants returning to 'Dancing with the Stars?'

Super exciting news for all of my fellow Dancing with the Stars fans! It's finally official: an all-star version, (featuring past favored contestants) of the show is coming to your TV in the fall!  One word: YAY!

Though the celebrity cast hasn't yet been announced, there is a possibility that host/former DWTS favorite, Mario Lopez, could be participating! While guest-hosting Live with Kelly! recently, Lopez spilled the beans to Kelly Ripa (and her national audience), seemingly confirming the rumors circulating the show's next season. "You know what Kelly? They're doing a Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars this next season. They called me to do it," he said.


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How great would it be to see him re-join the show? I really hope he does because I truly think this is an awesome idea!  After a few seasons of pretty predictable eliminations and wins, bringing back some of the former best contestants is exactly the fun twist the show--and its audience--needs. I mean, it's like guaranteed drama!

"I would love to see fan favorites from past seasons come back," said ABC president Paul Lee. "We have had many favorites. We're out casting now and I hope we come up with a really interesting cast our audience is passionate about."

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Me too! And I especially hope they bring some of the contestants who were voted off too soon or lost even after performing superior dances. This would be a great chance for them to prove themselves again! In fact, I can already envision the epic Dance Duels.

PS. Is it too soon to ask for William Levy to be part of the all-star cast? Seriously, picture Levy vs. Lopez in the battle of the ultimate Latino studs. I predict a ratings spike!

What do you think of the show having an all-star season? Which contestants would you like to see return? Tell us in the comments below!

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