'American Idol': Jessica Sanchez takes on legendary acts, Queen and Luther Vandross

Last night, American Idol went rock-and-roll as contestants performed their own renditions of classic hits from legendary rock band, Queen. 16-year-old Latina contestant, Jessica Sanchez, took on one of the night's most difficult songs, the beloved track "Bohemian Rhapsody." But though her first performance was a little lackluster for the judges, she redeemed herself by killing her second song. 

Sanchez, who is now part of the top 6 finalists of the competition, was first up in the night of Queen. Sporting a printed skirt and hip sneakers that differed vastly from her previous J.Lo-ish looks, she once again proved the range of her powerhouse voice, sailing through the song with ease. But while she shined in the slow opening of the song ("Mama, I just killed a man…"), she fell a little flat during the upbeat portion of track.


"I thought you were going to be running around and we were going to get a little bit of hair throwing," said Jennifer Lopez. Lopez also acknowledged that though "the vocal was beautiful," she was expecting "a little bit more of that rock performance."

Fellow judge Steven Tyler, usually Sanchez's biggest fan, agreed with Lopez, stating, "Rock isn't your forte…but I still love your voice no matter what."

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Though I've long since been a member of Team Sanchez, I have to admit that the judges are right. Sanchez's killer voice can pretty much handle everything, the overall performance lacked that spark that everyone is looking for this late in the competition-- just was I beginning to mourn over the possible elimination of Sanchez, she came back with a vengeance.

For her second song, Sanchez chose "Dance With My Father," by Luther Vandross. And after watching that performance, all my faith was quickly restored.

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"That may have been the best I've ever heard that song sang," Lopez said. Yes! Vindication! America, did you hear that? (PS. I think Jennifer needs to brush on up her grammar. Pretty sure it's supposed be "sung." Just sayin!')

Now I just hope her stellar second performance is enough to carry Sanchez through tonight's elimination rounds because --despite her shaky start to the night--I still, without a doubt, believe she deserves to be in the competition.

What do you think of Sanchez's performances?

Image via FOX

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