This just may be the BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVER!

The only thing better than a hot fireman is the combination of a hot fireman, an adorable kitten and tequila! In this hilarious and 100% AWESOME commercial for Sauza Tequila, a sexy firefighter teaches viewers how to make the perfect margarita using all of the above!

In the hysterical ad, the fireman admits that his job isn't just about fighting fires, but also about helping ladies who call and need "immediate assistance" in the face of an emergency--like not knowing how to make the ultimate margarita, obvs.


But there's no reason for (almost) drunk damsels in distress to fear! Hot Fireman will save the day! His ingredients for the perfect 'rita? Sauza tequila, a can of limeade, water, a bottle of light beer, and a kitten because--as he explains while giving the camera a smoldering stare--"sidenote: a kitten makes everything better." Well ain't that the truth?

As Hot Fireman finishes concocting the "Sauza-rita," the kitten looks on in amazement, which is basically exactly what I was doing at this point as well. At the end of the commercial, the firefighter holds the pitcher says, "If it's ladies night in, I'll come to the rescue. Don't call me a hero. Just call me, let me know what time." WHERE'S THE PHONE?!

Don't you wish we really lived in the happy world where a girl could just make a call and a hot guy in uniform would show up with all of the ingredients to make a delicious margarita? I know I would!

The ad totally works. I am suddenly seriously craving a margarita...and a sexy fireman.

Watch and enjoy ladies, watch and enjoy:

What do you think of the commercial?

Image via YouTube