Is William Levy too sexy for 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Motown Week on Dancing with the Stars has ended and after last night's elimination rounds, so has Gladys Knight's time on the show. But though the music legend being sent home surprised and saddened the contestants, the remaining eight teams now have to focus on stepping up their game in order to avoid meeting the same fate. Next week presents a more challenging theme with Classic Week and one thing's for sure--William Levy will have to break out a great performances in order to stay the game!

Though the Cuban stud has consistently stayed at the top of leaderboard, he's only actually managed to reach the number one spot once when he tied with Mark Ballas and Katherine Jenkins (the other favorite team) during Latin Week.  You know why? William Levy is damn sexy--too sexy! 


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I know, I know, could that ever really be a problem? It can when it comes to performing more traditional dances, which he will have to do in the upcoming episode. And in Levy's case, sometimes his hotness is too much even for typically sensual dances like the rumba--which he performed this past week and which judge Bruno Tunioli loved but the more conservative Len Goodman called "too raunchy."

So will Levy be able to tone down his sex appeal for Classic Week, however difficult that may be? I don't think he should go too far in the other direction (after all, his killer good looks are definitely part of the reason why he is so adored) but I do think he will have to show a more elegant, graceful side to truly succeed.

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Giving the audience more dance and less sex will not only get the more traditional judges on his side (I'm talking to you Len!), but will also provide the unexpected twist he needs to give him and partner Cheryl Burke a leg up over their tough competitors and boost them to the number one spot.

Did you think Levy's rumba was too raunchy? How do you think he'll perform during Classic Week?

Image via ABC

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