New mom Beyonce wins People's Most Beautiful Cover--and she totally deserves it!

People magazine just released their annual "Most Beautiful" issue and the coveted cover went to (drumroll please)… Beyonce! The famed singer and recent mom shines on the front of the magazine, sporting lighter locks and some serious bling around her neck.

People announced the decision earlier this morning. I have to say when I first heard the news, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't one of the many Latinas who have also had banner years, like Sofia Vergara who hosted SNL and even Jessica Alba, who launched her own eco-friendly line. But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I started to agree with the decision!


Why? Well, with last year's winner being Latina (Jennifer Lopez), I understand the need to switch it up a little. And though this year's choice is pretty safe, I am still THRILLED that they chose to spotlight a woman of color for the second year in a row. Finally! It's about time People started showing a little diversity. Plus, this is the first time in nine years (since Halle Berry appeared on the cover in 2003) that a black woman has been chosen as Most Beautiful. Yeah, definitely overdue, don't you think?

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But besides that, I also have to admit that out of all the many successful years Beyonce has had throughout her career, this past one is a great one to highlight -- not because of her usual hit singles and other professional achievements, but because she gave birth to the world's most loved baby, Blue Ivy Carter! And motherhood has only made her more adored if that's possible.

In fact, the short time since giving birth, she has already (kinda inadvertently) become the celebrity poster woman for breastfeeding moms everywhere after she was seen publically nursing her baby. Seriously, only Sasha Fierce could make breastfeeding the hippest thing on Earth.

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So what did Beyonce have to say about the honor? "I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth," she told the magazine. Well, Bey, I have to agree – you deserve the cover!  

What do you think of the choice? Would you have rather seen someone else on the cover?

Imagen vía People

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