You have to watch to believe! Kids hilariously narrate 'Planet Earth'(VIDEO)

Kids can learn a lot from animals so it's important to teach your children to appreciate all living things and the environment! Recently, a group of 4-7-year-olds did just that while auditioning to be the narrator on BBC's Planet Earth.

In honor of Earth Day this past weekend, creator of the show Joe Sabie prepared  the hilarious video below in which viewers can watch behind-the-scenes readings done by the little kids. The finished product is hilarious and super cute!


One by one, each kid is recorded reciting a small segment in a sound booth. But while some are excellent readers, others are... less prepared.

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"Ew, what is he eating?" 4-year-old Jayme proclaims of a lizard. "I'll never eat a fly! I like cheeseburgers." And 6-year-old Naveah doesn't even get to reading because she has so much problems getting the headphones to stay on her head. HAHA! Could they get any cuter?

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At the end, the kids also play homage to David Attenborough, the real-life narrator of the show. "We're good but we're not as good as David Ayyy-pen-boorrr," the children say, hysterically mispronouncing up his last name.

 I'm not too sure about that though! These kids are so cute sounding, they could give Attenborough a run for his money.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the video? Do you watch Planet Earth?

Image via YouTube